Welcome to the Scottish Borders – the Southern Gateway to Scotland

Famed for it’s turbulent historical past, big spaces, heather clad hills, forests, rivers and lochs, Sir Walter Scott and textiles, the Scottish Borders provide an absolutely fascinating and seductive area to explore. As a visitor you will be spoilt for choice with rolling hills, scenic rivers, charming towns, castles and abbeys, historical houses and gardens, ancient festivals, some of the best fly fishing, rugby, walking and golf in Scotland, and wonderful opportunities to indulge in shopping for cashmere.

Waverley Novels
We are very fortunate to have a complete set of the Dryburgh Edition of the Waverley Novels.  They are on display in the Wallace Lounge.  There are 25 volumes in the set and they were published monthly between 1892 and 1894.  The Dryburgh Edition is noted for its illustrations, which are numerous and unusual in that all the illustrations in each volume were produced by the same artist.  Each volume also contains a Glossary which are very interesting in their own right, throwing much light on Scottish Idioms and phrases used in Scott’s time and before.  As you would expect some of the volums are showing wear and tear due to their age but if you would like to inspect them more closely this can be arranged through Reception.