Nestled in the heart of the Scottish Borders with its very own 11 acre private estate on the banks of the River Tweed; adjacent to the historic ruins of Dryburgh Abbey, burial place of Sir Walter Scott and Field Marshal Haig, Dryburgh Abbey Hotel is a splendid baronial country house dating back to the mid nineteenth century.

The original baronial house was constructed in 1845 as the private residence for the family of Lady Griselle Baillie. In 1875, Lord Jerviswoode, the brother of Lady Baillie modernized the house, and it stayed in the family’s possession until 1929 when it was bought and converted into a tourist hotel.

Famed for its rather colourful historic past and stunning scenery, the Scottish Borders is a picturesque location to explore. Sitting in the heart of the region, Dryburgh Abbey Hotel is the perfect host for a visit to the Borders. The history of the Borders comes to life through the regions superbly preserved stately homes, castles and abbeys.

The Borders heritage is kept alive not only through these attractions but through the Common Ridings; local time honoured traditions and the oldest horse riding festival in the world – a must see for Summertime visitors.

It is this rich history, combined with the Borders’ international fame for producing some of the highest quality textiles, tweeds, tartans and cashmere, that makes the Scottish Borders one of the most interesting places to visit in Scotland.